Hot Sauce Baby!!!: An interview with Wayne Walrath About Chili Peppers

Kate and Rick do a live taste test of one of the world’s most popular condiments: hot sauce! Their guest, software engineer and cooking hobbyist Wayne Walrath, sent Kate and Rick SEVEN homemade hot sauces to taste live on the show. Will they survive with their palates intact? From jalapeño to habanero to cayenne, they discuss the different types of chili peppers, find out what makes a hot sauce hot, and differentiate between heat and flavor. What cools the burn?  Is it easy to make your own hot sauce? Do they need to age or ferment, or can you just throw things in a blender? You’ll find out here. And Rick teaches us one very important lesson about what not to do with hot sauce. Warning: due to the tasting strategies, this episode contains a lot of crunching.




Check out our tasty tasting menu for this episode!

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It's Getting Hot In Herr: Ideas for Fun Summer Foods 

Summer is here! The time of the year most associated with fresher fruit, vegetables, grilling, and being outdoors. Kate and Rick share the foods they are most looking forward to consuming this summer. Flavored water, various salads, and fresh fruit are all on the menu. Kate offers up her famous grilled salad, and Rick shares his most recent veggie burger endeavor. Wondering exactly how much meat are Americans expected to consume this summer? And yes, Rick and Kate have the most recent statistics on grilling accidents and reminders that will keep you from burning down your entire home (really, it’s a thing).



Hot Topics 2: Mayochup, Concussions, and Exploding Slow Cookers

Rick and Kate are HOT! Hot, hot, hot about several issues. There is something suspicious about Rob Lowe’s new role that Kate and Rick are trying to get to the bottom of. There is more bad news out of Utah, and it involves a tip you may not have known about your slow cooker. Also, if you didn’t think Rick and Kate could have a prolonged, in depth, overly-specific discussion about dipping sauces, well buckle up! They have the scoop on THE chocolate bunny you will want to have in your basket this Easter. Also, they break down the Hollywood assertion that overweight women need to suffer traumatic physical injuries to realize their inner beauty. 



Cheese, Glorious Cheese: Kate and Rick’s Favorite Food

Why is cheese so good and why do people love it? Hopefully Kate and Rick can provide some insight into the phenomenon of cheese, glorious cheese. To be honest, they are very excited about this topic and will definitely appear partisan. How does cheese satisfy a primal need within us? What role does cheese play in the survival of the species? Ever heard of Well, Kate and Rick will introduce you to it and how it will be answer to all your dreams and fantasies. They also take you on a site visit to Beecher’s Cheese, located at the the historic Pike Street Market in Seattle, Washington. Also, do you know what animals people milk for cheese? Well buckle up people! Go get a glass of wine and your favorite cheese - a lot is coming at you in this episode!




Reading Terminal Market: A Monopoly of Tasty Goodness

Kate and Rick take you on a tour of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Pa. From a mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich shop, to a specialized condiment stand, to an exotic mushroom stall, they interview some of the people behind what is considered one of the greatest public, non-profit markets in America. The market dates back to 1693 and houses mostly small, local, and family owned businesses; today it is housed in a building originally purchased by the Reading Railroad Company in 1890. And they couldn't leave Philly without making a trip to find the best Cheesesteak in town! Check out their website for details about the market and purveyors




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