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Comfort Food: Are You There God? It's Us, Kate and Rick? (Ep 4)

When you are drawn to foods that will make you feel better, create awareness by paying attention to what you are eating, when you are eating and what you are feeling before, during and after. With more awareness you can become more mindful and make necessary changes.

Smoothie Power: Come Blend with Us (Ep 3)

Use a high-powered blender (Vitamix preferred but not essential), and experiment with your favorite fruits, veggies, nut butters, seeds, protein powder, yogurt, etc.  Aim for a balance of mostly veggies, a little fruit for healthy carbs, good protein, and healthy fat (like from almond butter, avocado, coconut)

Do These Voices In My Head Make Me Look Fat? Using Meditation To Get Back on Track (Ep 2)

Simple Daily Meditation

Inspired byTranscendental Meditation and Herbert Benson, MD’s Relaxation Response

1.  Choose a mantra - this is a word or phrase that feels good to you.  It could be “love” or “peace” or “one” or a line from a prayer - anything at all.

2.  Sit quietly with your eyes closed for 30 seconds or a minute.  Be mindful and present to what you hear and feel around you.  If you feel fidgety or anxious or your mind is racing, that is all ok!

3.  Begin silently repeating your mantra to yourself, over and over.  When you notice that you get distracted and are thinking of something else, simply return to the mantra without feeling like you are wrong or failing.  Be gentle as you direct your thoughts back to the mantra.

4.  Continue to repeat the mantra for 10-20 minutes

5.  When you stop repeating the mantra, remain seated with your eyes closed for another minute or so, being mindful and present to your surroundings.  

Do this once or twice a day.  Twice for 10 minutes is probably better than once for 20.


Step Away From The Snacks! Holiday Eating Survival Guide (Ep 1)

  • Be present and mindful at gatherings, paying attention to everything you eat.  If you don’t really want it, don’t eat it (even if it’s already on your plate!).  Don’t get swept away by festivity and give up, or use the holidays as an excuse to binge.  Not that anyone we know would ever do that. . . .
  • Bump up the exercise, and schedule it for days before and after big food days.  Look for ways to "pay for" indulgences.