Hot Sauce Baby!!!: An interview with Wayne Walrath About Chili Peppers

Kate and Rick do a live taste test of one of the world’s most popular condiments: hot sauce! Their guest, software engineer and cooking hobbyist Wayne Walrath, sent Kate and Rick SEVEN homemade hot sauces to taste live on the show. Will they survive with their palates intact? From jalapeño to habanero to cayenne, they discuss the different types of chili peppers, find out what makes a hot sauce hot, and differentiate between heat and flavor. What cools the burn?  Is it easy to make your own hot sauce? Do they need to age or ferment, or can you just throw things in a blender? You’ll find out here. And Rick teaches us one very important lesson about what not to do with hot sauce. Warning: due to the tasting strategies, this episode contains a lot of crunching.




Check out our tasty tasting menu for this episode!

IMG_6029 tasting.JPG