Saying Grace: An Interview with Sarah L. Kaufman, Author of The Art Of Grace

Have you ever slipped on a banana peel (literally or metaphorically)? Tripped over nothing while walking down the street? Maybe you have taken a walk in the woods and been struck by the awe of nature? Kate and Rick interview Pulitzer Prize winner Sarah L. Kaufman about Grace: what it is, what role it plays in our lives, and how it relates to food and our bodies. From the small concrete acts we experience on a daily basis to the more intangible things we only feel, grace is something that can surprise us and also something we can actively choose. Kate, Rick and Sarah explore the importance of grace when it comes to kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others. Oh, and if you are actually wondering about the statistics of how many people have ACTUALLY slipped on a banana peel, Kate and Rick are on the case in their "Did you know?" section. Sarah L. Kaufman is a reporter for the Washington Post and was the recipient of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism. Her first book, The Art of Grace, was a Washington Post Notable Book of 2015 and a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award Winner.



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