How the Body Fights Diets: And Why Rick and Kate Are So Pissed About It

Do you know anyone who has NEVER had to diet? Kate and Rick do, and they are pissed about it! Dieting doesn’t work! Did you know that? Well, if not, Rick and Kate are here to break the big news stories. Join them as they share and dissect an article entitled “How Your Body Fights Back When You Diet.” This article makes Kate and Rick so angry they had to issue their first cursing disclaimer! Metabolism, genetics, and neurology all contribute to the body waging fat warfare. That innate resistance, coupled with social stigma, ultimately produces a vicious cycle between weight loss, weight gain, and despair! Oh, they also talk about that annoying concept of will power. If anyone has ever told you “all you have to do is eat like me,” or “just be stronger,” this episode is for you. And if you have ever told anyone that, or even thought it in a well-meaning way, this episode is DEFINITELY for you.



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Article LInk: How your body fights back when you diet