White Bean & Artichoke Croquettes

Courtesy of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O’Donnell

1 cup cooked white cannellini beans

Handful of baby spinach

2 marinated, drained artichoke hearts or 2 steamed artichoke hearts plus 1 tsp olive oil

1tbsp ground flaxseed

1 tsp Spring Salts (optional, see note)

¼ tsp lemon zest (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a large mixing bowl, mash the beans well with a fork. Chop the spinach and dice the artichoke, then stir the veggies into the mashed beans with the fork. Add the flaxseed, spring salts, lemon zest, and olive oil if using steamed artichokes, as marinated will already contain oil. Stir until the mixture is a uniformly chunky consistency.

Form 6 patties, distribute on the parchment-paper-covered sheet, and bake for 10 minutes on each side. Alternatively, you can melt 1tsp of ghee in a ceramic nonstick frying pan and pan fry the patties slowly over medium heat until browned, about 5 minutes for each side.

Serve with stone ground mustard.

Spring salt recipe

1 tbsp finely ground pink salt

¼ cup dried lemon zest

2 tbsp dried basil

1 ½ ground black pepper

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

NOTES: If you don’t want to mash and mix in a bowl, put all ingredients into a food processor and pulse to a chunky consistently adding olive oil as needed. Canned beans will do fine. If you want to fry the patties, you can substitute butter for ghee and a regular non-stick skillet will do. For the Spring Salts recipe, if you can’t find store bought dried lemon zest, you need to make this ahead to give the lemon zest time to dry.  Otherwise, throw in the ingredients of the recipe to taste. Use fresh lemon zest and regular salt.