Hot Topics III: Thanking Rhoda, Tipping Food Delivery Drivers, and Glowing In The Dark

Would you want a chip in your head to control your eating? How do you feel about glow-in-the-dark candy? Wondering what food flavors will find their way into your candy canes this holiday season? These are many of the hot topics Kate and Rick are talking about today. Jose Andres delivers (AGAIN!), Leslie Jones is out (of SNL), and Cardi B is fat shaming (IN A FUNNY WAY SO IT’S GOOD, RIGHT?), and you’ve heard it here first. What product from Popeye’s is driving everyone crazy? How much of your tip gets to your driver when you order from a food deliver app? And what supermarket shopping show is getting a reboot this year? Tune in to find out. Also, thanks Valerie Harper.