What We Ate in DC: Kate and Rick On the Town

Rick and Kate have two words for you: Kwame and Croatia. Join Kate and Rick as they take you on a tour of Top Chef Season 13 competitor Kwame Onwuachi’s new restaurant and a Croatian hot-spot restaurant, both of which are two of DC’s most exciting restaurants. Kith/Kin, Kwame’s stylish restaurant along Washington D.C.’s newly developed waterfront area The Wharf, offers food that celebrates his heritage ranging from Nigeria and Jamaica to West Africa and the Caribbean. Ambar, a Croatian restaurant in the Capitol Hill area, offers one of the best deals going while allowing you to sample and learn about Croatian specialties. And we know you have been dying to know exactly how many “insect fragments” the FDA allows in an average jar of peanut butter, and Rick and Kate have the answers in their Did You Know tidbit. Also, do you know these food phobias: Lachanophobia? Alliumphobia? You will after this episode.