Behave Yourself!: An Interview About Restaurant Etiquette With Skyler Schrempp

If you dine out this is your episode! What are the things you do and don’t do that help your server? Are you a dirty plate stacker? How long do you take to order while your server is standing patiently waiting? Kate and Rick have the answers for you. Their guest Skyler Schrempp has been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years and offers many great insights from the point of view of your server. They also cover tipping: go high? go low? before tax? after tax? Also, why you should be comfortable sending your meal back if you’re dissatisfied. Think that splitting that bill with 6 different credit cards is simple and easy? You may want to rethink that. And do you know the one very important issue any parent who brings their child to a restaurant should be concerned about?