Coffee Makes the World Go Round: Kate and Rick Get Brewed and Caffeinated

Rick and Kate get to the bottom of the age-old question: Is coffee good for you or bad for you? Do you consume one of the estimated 4 million cups of coffee per day in the US? How much coffee is too much? Come find out as Rick and Kate sip coffee. Sure, coffee can get you going in the morning and drain your wallet, but it can also provide much needed health benefits while helping to decrease the risk of many common diseases. And just when you think coffee can’t get any fancier, it does! On a recent trip to Seattle, Kate and Rick visit a Starbucks Reserve - the coffee giant’s latest expansion of its premium brand - for a tasting.  One of them really likes coffee and the other doesn’t (hint: his name rhymes with sick, which is what the coffee tasting made him). They introduce you to a few of Starbucks’ coffee flights and brewing methods such as pour overs, clover pressing, and nitrogen infusion. Also, find out how coffee can help your breath, and how to take a "coffee nap".