Passion and Spice: An Interview with May Fridel

How do Indian spices affect our health? What is the right amount of spice to use? What are the spices that are specifically helpful for diabetes? Why do spices have a prominent presence in India and other countries but not the United States? May Fridel is here to help Kate and Rick understand the role Indian spices play in relationship to our health. If you cook Indian food already we have a lot of great tips for you. If you’ve never cooked Indian food before, we have a simple recipe to try. May Fridel is the founder of Passion for Spices, which introduces American/Western cultures to India's culinary history and the health benefits of both the basic and exotic spices of India. She is also the author of the new book Indian Cuisine, Diabetes Cookbook: Savory Spices and Bold Flavors from South Asia. She comes from a family of spice merchants where fresh foods are prepared in a seasonally appropriate, wholesome, and gourmet manner.



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