While Kate has had a life-long weight issue, she chose not to seriously address it until fairly recently.  Meanwhile, she is an intuitive counselor, a theatre voice, speech and dialect trainer, a speech pathologist specializing in professional speakers and singers, and a holistic health worker.  She offers a variety of mind/body techniques (from Reiki to stress management to funkier and more intense offerings) as well as expert voice and speech coaching or therapy through her Chicago practice, Total Voice, Inc. www.totalvoice.net.

Kate is co-author of The Voice Book: Caring For, Protecting, and Improving Your Voice (Chicago Review Press, 2009) with Starr Cookman. She has created downloadable self-study Accent Modification materials at www.GeneralAmericanAccent.com, and is the co-creator of several downloadable actor training dialect materials (with Jim Johnson) at www.AccentHelp.com (use "Kate DeVore" as a discount code at checkout!).

Kate offers individual and group sessions for counseling/coaching for life issues, meditation, energy healing, and voice/speech/accent work.  She is available in person or over Skype.  You can contact her at kate@totalvoice.net.


Rick has struggled with weight gain (too much to quickly) weight loss (too little to slowly) and weight management (not enough, generally). He is a yoga and meditation teacher in the Washington, DC. Area. He offers private yoga and meditation and you can find him teaching publically Monday and Tuesday nights at Willow Street Yoga Center. He was recently profiled in The Washington Post as one of 5 local teacher to get to know. You can contact him at flowerfox1@gmail.com.